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About Land Without Borders

“Land Without Borders” is international, educational, cultural festival for children and youth that BREZA started in 2004 with the purpose of promotion of creativity and developing possibilities of children and youth. Special emphasis is given to inclusion of children and youth with special needs. This international festival takes place in Osijek (fourth largest city of Croatia) every year by the end of August, last week before new school year start. In 2010 the festival took place in Zadar (city on the east coast of the Adriatic).
The festival gathers artists, educators, teachers and presenters from different countries, regions, associations and institutions that encourage children and youth to learn new skills, techniques, crafts… values.
During six-day period different workshops (over 30) take place, where children and youth of different age, learn and explore a world of creativity and fantasy. Last day of the festival all of the maid and learned in workshops come together. By creating the magical city that can be seen only once, in the old part of the town, children, youth and their leaders present and dream together one particular theme that is unique for each year of the festival. Over 3000 participants visit the festival the last evening (all generations) and dream together the dream of the youth.

What happens during the Land without Borders?

Cooperation between different countries, public institutions, non-profit and profit sector in order to provide better support for children and young people

Encouraging volunteering
Over 100 volunteers – artists, students, elderly, unemployed etc.
Art used to promote diversity, respect for other cultures, different ways of communication, tolerance   

Provides opportunities and possibilities for children and youth with disabilities and different intellectual difficulties to actively participate